Popular Payment Gateways for Your Website

Every e-commerce website needs a secure and user-centric payment gateway. A payment gateway facilitates and processes the transaction between an online customer and the e-commerce store, consequently, allowing the e-commerce website owner to receive electronic pay directly from the store.


There are two types of payment gateways- hosted and integrated. A hosted defrayal processes transactions offsite.That is, the customer, upon checkout, is directed to a different webpage, which is not a part of the e-commerce website. A hosted payment gateway takes responsibility for the security of transactions that it processes. But hosted payment gateways are not trusted in all countries.


An integrated payment gateway solution, on the other hand, offers a smooth user experience. A smooth checkout experience engenders greater chances of customer retention. Plus, if the website is PCI compliant, transaction security is ensured.


Two of these gateways payment module(s) :

Authorize.net: With 350,000 merchants (http://stackoverflow.com/tags/authorize.net/info) trusting this defrayal, it can easily be rated as one of the most popular defrayals. Though it can handle international transactions, it can only be employed by businesses based in North America, Europe, Canada and AustralianStripe: It can be used by businesses based in the US, Canada, UK and some European countries.It can also accept payments from any country.


Also, it lets customers pay in local currencies, supporting major international credit and debit cards. It can handle sale of both, digital and physical products.


PayUBiz: It is an ideal payment gateway for e-commerce websites, based in India where they sell a lot of homemade night cream for sensitive skin. Top e-commerce websites such as snapdeal make use of this gateway.It offers a wide range of payment options and can also process transactions in thirteen currencies, thus, offering an easy shopping experience for international customers as well.Its best feature is that of one-tap payment, which makes the payment process super-quick and likable to all kinds of customers.


Thus, to choose an ideal defrayal integration for your site, you must see your budget, the features which you would like to offer to your customers and if your preferred gateway supports e-commerce shops based in your country.